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Reinvent Your Kitchen with New Appliances and Proper Planning


Is kitchen renovation in your future? Are you a Floridian tired of living with sub-par kitchen finishing and appliances in Jacksonville, Fl.? Let this year be the year that you reinvent your home’s hub.

Kitchen remodels are one of the top home remodeling projects that homeowners tackle each and every year. Of course, a successful kitchen remodel depends on many factors including budget, intention and ability.

Budget and Planning

All homeowners who dream of a major kitchen remodel list budget concerns as their main obstacle when planning for their renovation. The money that you have available will determine how extravagant you kitchen remodel can ideally be. When planning your budget, consider the reason for your remodel. Do you want more space? Do you need newer appliances? You know a stove and dishwasher that are part of this century. Or, do you simply want to upgrade the flooring and paint the walls? Take the time to realistically decide what you hope to achieve with your remodel and then you can set the budget. Once you set the budget, you need to try to work within your means and stick with the plans. Changing designs in the middle of a renovation will undoubtedly bust your budget.


During the initial planning stages of your remodel, you need to know you intentions. This is part of the planning process for your design and budget, but intentions actually go a bit further and can help you make wise choices when choosing finishes and incorporating any large financial purchases in your remodel budget. Is your intention to remodel your kitchen for your own personal use? Or, are you remodeling so that your home will have a better chance to sell? If you are remodeling to make your home more appealing to buyers, do not go over-the-top with extravagant finishes and high-end appliances that you will not see a financial return on. When kitchens are planned properly and money is spent wisely, you can expect to get back the majority of the money you put into the renovation. However, if you purchase materials that are out of league with the other homes in your competitive market, you may end up spending money that you will never get back when you sell. If you are updating your kitchen strictly for your pleasure and do not intend to sell in the near future, do what you like. However, for renovators wanting to sell in the near future remember this one little bit of advice every time you are tempted to spend money on frivolous items. You can’t sell a castle in a ghetto.

Ability and Limitations

When you are attempting your remodel, you may be tempted to save money by completing some of the tasks yourself. This can be a great avenue for saving money, but if you are not a handy person and your remodeling experience is questionable, it is also an easy way to waste money. Simple tasks like adding a backslash, installing cabinet hardware and painting walls are easy enough for the average DIY re-modeler. However, installing new flooring, reconfiguring kitchen cabinets and messing around with electrical can get tricky. When you set out to remodel your kitchen be realistic about your abilities and limitations when it comes to DIY projects.

Enjoy the Experience

Proper planning and assessment will allow you, the homeowner, to enjoy the kitchen remodeling experience. If you are unsure where to begin with your renovation, contact a professional who has experience in all aspects of kitchen remodeling. These men and women will know exactly what renovations will make your home shine on the market. They can also help you choose expert finishes that make sense for your wallet. They can even help you manage if you have a small budget by pointing you in the right direction to find discount flooring, counter tops and even discount appliances in Jacksonville, Fl. When you have the right resources at your fingertips your remodeling experience will be rewarding and enjoyable.


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