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Quality Air Conditioning Service Can Lower Your Bills


During the warmer months of the year and in the hotter parts of the country, having air conditioning isn’t just a luxury it’s absolutely essential for maintaining comfortable temperatures in homes and businesses.

Because of this, having a quality AC system is an important investment.By utilizing a Gainesville air conditioning service, you can not only stave off those high temperatures, but you can lower your monthly bills in the process.

Contractors and Services

Quality air conditioning contractors can provide general maintenance, repairs, and installations. They run diagnostics, perform emergency repairs, provide replacements and upgrades, work on air purification systems, and can be contracted to install and take care of the units in homes that are being built or renovated. Most AC units need annual maintenance (just before the season of peak use) to make sure things are running smoothly, so it is important to get them checked each year. When selecting a new unit, there are many different features that come with each model, such as timers, sound levels, or remote controls, so it important to do some research and find the perfect machine to meet your needs.


Having an AC in good, working condition is much more energy efficient than one that is struggling to run. Because the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to produce and maintain the same low temperatures, it lowers energy output and therefore your bill. When looking into units, there are energy ratings to keep in mind. Higher SEER (seasonal energy efficient rating) models are often more expensive initially, but can be considered an investment because they lower your energy costs in the long run. There is also an EER (energy effective ratio) rating, and the EER plus the SEER play into which models receive the Energy Star, which is awarded by the US Environmental Protection Agency for energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning for Your Home

When looking at AC units for a particular room, home, or building, it is important to know that different units work best for different sized spaces. Bigger is not always better or more efficient. A unit that is too large or too small for a room or house will end up costing more in energy bills, so it’s important to find the optimum size (good contractors will easily be able to determine this). Establish the size in square feet of the space to cool, and find the corresponding AC unit (in BTUs). You do have to take into consideration other factors such as the number of people inhabiting the space, heat-generating appliances, the amount of shade/sun the area gets, etc. Once you have an efficient unit, make sure your home is weatherproofed so the results of your AC don’t end up going to waste. Regular maintenance of your AC pays off in the long run over time and with normal wear and tear, AC parts loosen and wear out, which causes your machine to run less efficiently, and if the problem continues, the parts can wear out completely and end up costing you a lot more. Getting the help of a Gainesville air conditioning service can save you money on energy and prevent little AC problems from becoming big ones.


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