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Picking out Your Flooring

laminate flooring

Unless you live in a dirt floor shack out in the woods, you have flooring of some kind or another throughout the house or apartment you live in. For many of us our floors, like the rest of our house, is an item of both comfort and looks.

We have a certain style or design that we really like throughout our home. Like all things our floors wear out at some point or our style and taste changes. Whatever the reason we have the need to get new flooring. Today there are more options available for you to choose from, so lets go over a few.


Wall to wall carpet used to be a luxury many years ago and only the rich could afford to buy it. Today carpet is more plentiful and comes in some many more varieties and colors than ever before. They are more stain resistant and last longer than the carpets that your parents and grandparents had or probably even what you first had when the home was first built. Indeed we have come along ways as far as carpet.

Vinyl vs. Title

Although wall-to-wall is available, carpet really shouldn’t go everywhere. The best options for places like your kitchen and bathrooms would be vinyl or title. Although each has their strengths and weaknesses they are both materials best suited for these areas that tend to be wet. Both have made great advances in color, design and durability over the years. Tile has been around for thousands of years and vinyl has at most been around for about 150 years. Vinyl is easier to clean than tile, but with today’s standard, tile will last longer than vinyl.

Laminate vs. Hardwood

An interesting trend that has swept the latest homeowner generations is that of going back to a wood-flooring look to their homes. It is no longer wall-to-wall carpet throughout the house, but rather carpet only in select areas. When it comes to options of laminate flooring or hardwood flooring there are several differences to consider. Both can have the same look to them, that is how good laminate flooring has become. But here is the major difference, laminate flooring is made with a thinner layer of material that is a copy of what the actual wood floor looks like but the other layers are made of up different materials. Some brands don’t hold up well and are less water resistant. On the other hand hardwood flooring last longer than laminate, but it is more costly and is also susceptible to water damage. So when looking into the different laminates and hardwoods, you may want to consider the brand or the type of wood.


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