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How To Create A Simple Child Growth Chart


Seeing your little one grow big and strong is not only exciting for you, but often for the child themselves. Many people like to keep track of their children’s height, as they continue to get taller.Many of us will remember our parents marking on the wall as we got taller but then you’re left with marks on the wall to avoid this and have something to remember the progress why not create a simple child growth chart?


Consider getting her kids involved, since most kids enjoy doing crafts this is a project that would probably be very appealing to them. The first thing you need to do is decide what material your project is going to be made with. Some people prefer to make a project such as this out of wood or fabric, while others simply prefer to use a nice long sturdy sheet of paper.

Once you’ve decided what material is going to work best for you and your munchkin cut your chosen material to approximately four to five feet tall and allow for a width of approximately fourteen inches. Remember while you are measuring leave yourself about a foot of space at the level of the floor.

Have your little one pick out all of their favorite decorations such as beads, stickers, glitter, foam shapes, whatever they would find amusing and glue them around the chart. If your wee ones love to draw or paint encourage them to decorate with their favorite scenery or cartoon character.

Once all the decorations have been put in place carefully measure your project and mark each measurement once you have reached one foot. Finally attach it to the wall in a place that you and your munchkin can enjoy. You might want to make a little spot next to it to attach a little envelope to hold special stickers or stars that can be added to mark the spot as your little one grows.


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